Album No.9 is The Life, due out before next prison tour. It has bonafide former prisoners life testimonies sung out to tell their story from the worst to the best of life as they turned around and followed the Lord and his path. These songs have been sung in each prison around NZ with great effect touching the hearts and lives of inmates as they connect with the lives of former comrades now changed and making a difference in society out the outside. 

Sneak preview of songs so far:

Arthur's song: Are you for real?

Jennifer's song: Orange jailhouse jumpsuit

Lionel's song: Armour

Wayne's song: Reconciliation

Moana's song: Here for a reason

Sherry's song:Shine brightly on me

Katrina's song: Goodbye old life

Amo's song: We are the redeemed

Gini's song: Gonna give God a go

Bonus Tracks:

Truth and Trust

Calling you home

I need you Lord